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Our Kit

ITV Content Delivery has the most comprehensive range of equipment to support film and tape digitisation and restoration in the North of England. Here’s a run-down of our kit, and the key benefits it provides: 

The UK’s only 16mm and 35mm Steenbeck film scanners - our film ingest solution. ITV Content Delivery's Vintage Cloud Steenbeck digitisers are capable of digitising images up to 4K resolution and audio at the same time, resulting in high quality, high definition digital output. 

Sony Flexicarts, which we use to ingest content from tape (Beta Sp, DB, HDCam, HDCam SR) in bulk. ITV Content Delivery have 3 machines, allowing us to ingest 6 tapes at a time 24 hours a day!  

ITV Content Delivery's restoration software offers a range of services including de/re-grain, de-warp, image stabilisation, noise reduction, image sharpen, dust-bust and clean.

Our legacy/heritage tape formats, which include D2, 1" and U-Matic. We can even accommodate VHS, S-VHS and DVD.

Vantage, the industry standard for transcoding, and a very fast means of processing multiple file transcodes at a time.

Aspera/Signiant - leading media shuttle and point-to-point file transfer technology, which is up to 200 times faster than traditional file transfer technologies such as FTP and HTTP.

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