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We have a range of film and tape digitisation and restoration services to support your requirements. If it’s just a single tape, or a whole archive of historical significance, we can offer a level of service that meets your requirements.

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ITV Content Delivery are responsible for digitising ITV's rich film archive. As the trusted custodians, ITV Content Delivery recognise the importance to ensure legacy content is maintained and preserved so that it is accessible both now and in the future.

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What our partners say

" As a regional film archive, it’s important to us that footage from our home movie and amateur collections is given the same treatment as professional productions. ITV Content Delivery understands the range of formats and significance of the content we care for, delivering great value without compromising on quality. It’s a pleasure working with the team who deliver wonderful customer service and are able to adapt to our specific needs as they differ from project to project. And, as we’re based in Yorkshire and the North East, it’s an added bonus to have them right on our doorstep in Leeds. "

Yorkshire Film Archive

What our partners say

" At BritBox, we're passionate about British TV & film, and we really enjoyed working with ITV Content Delivery restoring and preserving classic films for our viewers - and future generations. Our subscribers have really responded well to being able to see these classics as never seen before. The ITV Content Delivery team brought a huge amount of passion & skill to the project, producing exceptional work which we're delighted with. "


What our partners say

" ITV Content Delivery rapidly turned around a large film digitisation project for our Return To Crossroads documentary. Dozens of reels up to 50 years old, were rapidly digitised and restored by the team, with outstanding are and attention to detail, removing dust and digitising the delicate film, along with colour correction. They also very quickly turned around a can containing a complex nest of trims within 24 hours. Not only was the price extremely competitive, but we were kept informed of progress at every stage of the project and the team were extremely accommodating. "

-  Alex Fryer, Executive Producer and Mike Garrett, Director, of upcoming charity documentary "Return To Crossroads", coming soon from the 'Crossroads Appreciation Society', with sale proceeds to Caring For Carers

Crossroads - Alex Fryer, Executive Producer and Mike Garrett, Director

What our partners say

" ITV Content Delivery run the most efficiently organised and effective archive and video content delivery system we have ever seen. We have sent hundreds of orders through this system and we've not had one problem. They are the best in the business and, with the incredible state of the art film processing system they are already working with some of our clients to provide a really very viable post production facility. Our clients in Hollywood have been very impressed. The icing on the cake is that they are lovely people and we are very proud to be partnered with them. "

Dominic Dare, Lola Clips

What our partners say

" We were delighted and impressed with the efficient and friendly service from the ITV Content Delivery team. I felt that they cared about their work and were very communicative which was very helpful as we are based in London. A delight to work with and I would relish the opportunity to use their services again for future productions. "


Sam Calder-Bray, BSLBT

What our partners say

" We've been really impressed with the work ITV Content Delivery have been doing for us in the past few months. The quality of their output has always been high, but the speed at which they've completed our film and tape transfers has been very impressive, even with the tightest of deadlines. They're honest, realistic and most importantly, a real pleasure to work with. "


Philip Bedwell, The Other Planet Media

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