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Film Restoration Across The UK

With a rich history in film and television, ITV Content Delivery is passionate about bringing film to audiences today while retaining the spirit of the original piece.

ITV Content Delivery offers award-winning film restoration for filmmakers across the UK.

The key to any film restoration project is to ensure that our work improves the quality of the film, without making editorial changes - we want to ensure our work reflects the original creator’s intentions.

This means that when working with film, we are often at the mercy of decisions made decades ago. 

Historically, it has been a very time-consuming and manual process. But with new technology comes new approaches. Our team of film restoration technicians embrace and develop new software to fully restore your film, while keeping the original spirit of the film intact.

Scanning & Enhancing Processes

We scan from 16/35mm film direct to 4k files, using two of the only Vintage Cloud Steenbeck scanners in the UK.

This technology uses intelligent scanning and motion compensated image processing to restore your film. 

We also use Digital Vision World’s Phoenix suite of products to digitally enhance and restore images within your film.

Through this software, we can stabilise your image, remove scratches and dust from your film, provide greater focus and clarity enhancement and carry out grain management.

The film is then cleaned and colour timed before we transfer it to your chosen format.

Previous Examples

Previous examples include various Carry On films, specifically our award-winning work on Carry On Up The Khyber, Alfred Hitchcock's The 39 Steps and Powell & Pressburger's Ill Met By Moonlight.

In each of these examples, it was critical to ensure that our process did not editorially change these much-loved films. And in each of these examples, we delivered high quality film restoration so that the next generation of film-lovers could enjoy them.

If you are interested in our film restoration services, get in touch and we would be happy to help.

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