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ITV is the UK’s oldest commercial television network, having launched as Independent Television in 1955. In that time, we have built a reputation for producing and broadcasting hugely attractive content, which has placed the company at the very heart of popular culture.

In a rapidly-evolving technological environment, ITV has kept up with developments in content formats, progressing from film to tape, tape to file, SD to HD, and HD to 4K, the highest-end digital format commercially available.

ITV’s Content Delivery team was established to restore and remaster our huge archive of historical film and tape content - much of which is housed on legacy formats - bringing it into the digital domain. We can now offer this service to an external client base. 
Our Leeds office acts as a central Yorkshire hub for our film and tape digitisation and restoration services. This enables ITV Content Delivery to provide a level of service to rival our competitors - most of whom are based in the South East - at a competitive price, whilst creating a central transfer and delivery hub in the North of England.

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